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Wellness Therapy -

with Christine Hurst, LCPC at Hurst Flower Meadow LLC


Outdoor Office

Christine Hurst, Licensed Therapist 

Being outdoors has proven to increase positive emotions and  happiness. Let's bring the conversation outside to my private outdoor office. You will leave feeling lighter and grounded.

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Walk & Talk Therapy

Christine Hurst, Licensed Therapist 

It is similar to traditional therapy except we are walking while talking. Gentle walking enriches the session by bringing natural mood-improving activity to the session. You will leave feeling refreshed and healthier.


Flower Crafting Therapy

Christine Hurst, Licensed Therapist 

Creating has been found to improve mood and relieve stress. Flowers have proven to improve mental wellness. Combined they help you heal through sensory and cognitive exploration. You’ll  leave each session with a one-of-a-kind creation to remind you of your inner work and goals.

Hurst FlowerMeadow, LLC

U-Pick Flowers

Come help us give our flowers a home, while at the same time connecting with nature.  There is scientific proof that when one spends time with nature their brains behave differently; it begins to calm and soothe your nerves--fight depression, reduce stress.

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